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optionalvalue required

Disables or enables voice content selection for this view. Voice content selection allows users to choose from a list in hands-free mode by saying text that matches one of the items on the list, such as selecting a recipe by saying "Chicken Alfredo". If the user's spoken selection is not an exact match (for instance, saying "Chicken Alfredo" to select "Chicken Alfredo Penne"), Bixby will try to perform a partial match; if there are multiple possible matches, the user will be reprompted with the matching items for disambiguation.

All rendered text in a list item is used for matching. If your capsule uses a custom implementation to select list values that uses other, non-rendered information, you can disable voice content selection either globally or per view.

The value of disable-voice-content-selection can be true or false.

  • If set to true, selection of content by voice will not be allowed in the view.
  • If set to false (the default), voice content selection will be allowed.


result-view {
overrides {
disable-voice-content-selection (true)

If your capsule provides its own implementation for voice content selection in certain views, you should add disable-voice-content-selection to those views to avoid conflicts. You can disable voice content selection on a global level by setting this override in the runtime-version override block.