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optionalvalue optional

Determines how many image cards are displayed within a larger list. You can specify 1, 2, or 3 cards per column. If you don't specify this key, the number of cards per column is determined by the aspect-ratio.

  • column-size (1)
    Column size 1
  • column-size (2)
    Column size 2
  • column-size (3)
    Column size 3

If you specify this key, image cards will group only if you are in a results list page or a details view page on mobile and fridge, or in the details view for tv. This key is ignored in the list view for tv and all views on watch.


list-of (this) {
where-each (car) {
compound-card {
content {
image-card {
aspect-ratio (9:16)
column-size (2)
image-url ("#{raw(car.imageUrl)}")
title-area {
slot1 {
text {
value ("#{raw(}")
style (Title_M)


Child Keys

A value that matches one of the valid enumerated options of its parent key