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optionalvalue optional

Determines how many image cards are displayed within a larger list. You can specify 1, 2, or 3 cards per column. If you don't specify this key, the number of cards per column is determined by the aspect-ratio.

  • column-size (1)
    Column size 1
  • column-size (2)
    Column size 2
  • column-size (3)
    Column size 3

If you specify this key, image cards will group only if you are in a results list page or a details view page on mobile and fridge devices, or in the details view for TV devices. This key is ignored in the list view for TV devices and all views on watch devices.


list-of (this) {
where-each (car) {
compound-card {
content {
image-card {
aspect-ratio (9:16)
column-size (2)
image-url ("#{raw(car.imageUrl)}")
title-area {
slot1 {
text {
value ("#{raw(}")
style (Title_M)


Child Keys

A value that matches one of the valid enumerated options of its parent key