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optionalvalue required

The time in seconds the current state will remain fresh. Once this period has elapsed, the state is considered stale. If the state is stale and Bixby is active, it will be refreshed by re-executing the activity action, potentially producing a new state.

You can set expires to either a constant value or an expression evaluated at runtime. Try to set a reasonable expires value, based on the criteria being evaluated in your capsule and how frequently the state needs to be updated for the user.

The state will not be refreshed when Bixby is not open.


      state (Scheduled) {
summary-view {
message {
template ("#{value(orderState)} #{value(order)}")
title {
template ("#{value(order)}")
details {
template ("#{value(orderState)}")
detail-view {
render {
layout-match (this) {
mode (Details)

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