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optionalmultiple allowedvalue optional

A sort-key is a directive that locks onto a concept (the binding) and applies a sort direction (ASC|DESC|MIN|MAX). You can use multiple sort-keys serially to break ties.

  • ASC: smallest to largest
  • DESC: largest to smallest
  • MIN: choose the smallest
  • MAX: choose the largest


sort-key (ASC) {
binding (lowRate)
sort-key (DESC) {
binding (rating)
sort-key (ASC) {
binding (distance)

The cascade of fallbacks is used only when there are ties, so in the context of hotels, this would translates to:

  1. Show the cheapest hotels first.
  2. If some of these hotels have the same price, then order those ones by highest rating.
  3. If some of these hotels also have the same rating, then order those ones by closest distance.

Child Keys

The concept against which a sort-key will be evaluated