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RideShare (Rideshares)

capsule {
capsule-categories {
category (RideShare)


This RideShare NL category can allow users to accept and provide vehicular ride services, through local and reputable companies. Users can adjust and cancel their ride transactions, check the status of their upcoming ride, and get price estimates on potential rides before ordering.

en-US Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
Order rides"Get me a ride"Required
Order rides from/to a specific location"I need a ride to the airport"Optional
Check status of ordered ride"What is the status of my rideshare?"Optional
Cancel recently ordered ride"Cancel my ride"Optional
Check driver information"What is my rideshare driver’s name?"Optional
Order a specific provider car type and seating"Get me a ride in an SUV for 5 people"Optional
Edit current ride"Change my ride destination to Whole Foods San Jose"Optional
Get ride estimates"How much is a carpool to 123 Main St.?"Optional

ko-KR Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
택시/대리운전/카풀 호출"[택시] 불러줘" "[강남역]에서 [우리집]까지 가는 [대리] 불러줘"Required
요금 확인"[대리] 요금 얼마야?""[서울대입구역]에서 [삼성역]까지 [택시] 요금 얼마야?"Optional
예약 정보 확인"예약한 [택시] 정보 알려줘"Optional