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capsule {
capsule-categories {
category (Hotels)


The Hotels NL category can allow users to browse hotels and rooms, make reservations using transactions, and check the details and status for any upcoming reservations.

en-US Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
Find hotels"Find a hotel"Required
Find hotels for specified date range"Find a hotel for this weekend"Optional
Find hotels with particular features and amenities"Find a hotel in Los Angeles with a pool and air conditioning"Optional
Book hotels"Book me a room at the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco"Optional

ko-KR Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
예약 가능한 숙소 검색"[호텔] 검색 해줘" "[이번 주말][제주도]에 예약 가능한 [펜션] 알려줘"Required
숙소 예약"[10월 3일][제주도]에 있는 [리조트] 예약 할래"Optional
특정 조건을 가진 숙소 검색"[반려견 동반 가능]한 [호텔] 찾아줘""[강원도][스키장] 숙소 찾아줘"Optional
특정 숙소의 상세 정보 검색"[남해]에 있는 [아난티] 호텔 상세 정보 보여줘"Optional

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