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DeliveryNTakeout (Food Delivery)

capsule {
capsule-categories {
category (DeliveryNTakeout)


The DeliveryNTakeout NL category can allow users to place orders for food, using delivery or takeout, from supported local restaurants and establishments.

en-US Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
Order food for delivery or takeout"Order delivery food", "Order food for takeout"Required
Order food from a specific restaurant"Make a food delivery order from Russell’s Pizza"Optional
Order a specific dish"Order spring rolls for takeout"Optional

ko-KR Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
주문 가능 음식 검색"뭐 시켜 먹을까?" "배달 가능한 메뉴 뭐 있어?"Required
음식 주문"[치킨] 배달 해줘""[XX중국집]에서 [짬뽕세트] 주문해줘"Required
재 주문 하기"[어제] 주문했던 [곱창 전골] 다시 주문 해줘"Optional
주문 내역 확인하기"[지난 주 금요일] 배달해서 먹었던 음식 뭐였지?""내 음식 주문 내역 확인하고 싶어"Optional
주문 취소하기"[방금] 배달 시킨 거 취소해줘"Optional

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