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CookingNRecipes (Recipes)

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The CookingNRecipes NL category can allow users to find and browse recipe instructions for preparing food dishes. Users can search for recipes using many factors and requirements, such as ingredients to include or exclude, diets, or total time to make a dish.

en-US Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
Find recipes"Find me a recipe"Required
Find recipes for specific dishes"How do I cook lasagna?"Optional
Find recipes by cuisine type"Find some good Thai recipes"Optional
Find recipes by meal or course"What’s a good breakfast recipe?"Optional

ko-KR Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
레시피 검색"레시피 알려줘" "[김치찌개] 맛있게 끓이는 법 알려줘"Required
특정 목적 레시피 검색"맛있는 [야식] 레시피 알려줘""[피부 미용]에 좋은 음식 레시피 알려줘"Optional
특정 재료 레시피 검색"[닭고기]로 만들 수 있는 요리 추천해줘"Optional
요리 시간에 따른 레시피 검색"[30분내]로 할 수 있는 요리 찾아줘"Optional

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