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AudioBook (Audiobooks)

capsule {
capsule-categories {
category (AudioBook)


The AudioBook NL category can allow users to play "audiobooks", which are the voice-narrated audio format of written books. This NL category should be for audiobook finders, not for an individual audiobook.


We recommend training some utterances that include the media type explicitly in the utterance, to help ensure the right capsule is chosen for the user.

For example, for AudioBook, you might want to train "Play an audiobook" or "Play the Little Women audiobook".

en-US Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
Play audiobooks"Listen to an audiobook."Required
Find audiobooks by genre"Can you recommend a good science fiction audiobook?"Optional

ko-KR Examples

Example Use CaseExample UtteranceFeature Requirement
오디오북 듣기"[프랑케슈타인] 읽어줘" "[동화] 들려줘", "[최근] 들었던 오디오북 재생해줘"Required
오디오북 재생 컨트롤"[다음] 장 틀어줘""읽던 책 [처음부터 다시] 읽어줘"Optional
오디오북 검색하기"오디오북 추천해줘"Optional

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