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Capsule Properties

Capsule Properties File

Use the capsule.properties file to store configuration properties related to your capsule, such as authentication keys, scopes, or whether to use test or production configuration properties.

Configuration Mode

You can set the configuration mode for your capsule using capsule.config.mode.

You can set properties for specific configuration modes, which are helpful when you want to use your capsule in different environments.


Capsule Properties

You can set properties for each mode using this format:


Use the default mode for any fallback property values:

config.default.my.property.key=myValue 123

Capsule properties are treated as strings, so ensure that you cast them to right type. Do not include empty strings as they are then surrounded by quotes ("""").

Toggling Properties and Capsules

You can toggle individual capsule properties using this format:


You can toggle content from a capsule using this format:


To access any of your configuration properties, use the config.get() JavaScript method.