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Bixby Developer Center


JavaScript API Reference

This section describes Bixby's JavaScript API available for implementing actions.

  • base64
    Provides simple Base64 encoding and decoding.
  • config
    Provides access to a capsule's configuration.
  • console
    Provides logging methods for use in the Debug Console.
  • dates
    Provides date-time functions.
  • fail
    Provides a method for handling runtime exceptions.
  • http
    Provides helper methods for HTTP requests.
  • md5
    Provides an implementation of the MD5 message digest algorithm. (Warning: This module is being deprecated.)
  • secret
    Provides access to a capsule's secrets store.
  • soap
    Provides SOAP web services methods.
  • textLib
    Provides various text-related functions, especially related to fuzzy matching.
  • types
    Provides functions for typed value conversion.