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20K Capsule SDK Release Notes

Updated: October 8, 2020

Additional Slots within Bixby Views 'title-area' Component

You now have two additional slots available within title-area. These slots make it easier for you to add additional information in a card without having to use a compound card.

You should prioritize putting information in the first slots (slot1, slot2, and if needed, slot3) before using the new lower level slots (slot4 and slot5).

New Time Test Harness for DateTime Library

You can now use the Device Simulator to try various DateTimeExpression utterances and see their return values by using the Time Test Harness Capsule in Bixby's Capsule Samples Collection.

Enum Subtypes Can No Longer Be Extended

You can no longer add symbols to an extended enum. This is because if an enum is subtyped and the subtype attempts to add additional symbols that aren't legal values enumerated in the supertype, that "is-a" relationship no longer holds.

For more information, see Relationships Between Concepts in Modeling Concepts.

Deprecation Stages (learn more)

  • Stage 1: R20K
  • Stage 2: R20N
  • End of Life: None

Sort Signals Deprecated

Earlier versions of Bixby supported annotating sorting utterances, like "sort by price" or "show me the nearest hotels", with sort signals. This has been deprecated. Instead, use sort-orderings for including sorting functionality in concepts, or the sort block for sorting output from actions.

Deprecation Stages (learn more)

  • Stage 1: This deprecation is currently in Stage 1 and is safe to use until the time that we provide a formal deprecation schedule.