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20C Capsule SDK Release Notes


Internal platform changes that are not visible to capsule developers will be communicated via internal status updates.

Updated: March 25, 2020

Update to Capsule Lock Opt Out and Conversation Drivers

If your capsule opts out of capsule lock by setting the new result-view-capsule-lock runtime flag to false, conversation drivers with result moments in your capsule might not behave as expected.

New Macros for Dialog and Layout

You can now define a layout or a dialog with a macro. Use macro to define repeatable portions of your layouts or dialogs, such as a card or a cell for a specific structure or entire portions of a Bixby View. You define the exact parameters within a macro using a macro-def. For more information, see Layout Macros and Dialog Macros.

result-view {
match: MyConcept(this)
render {
layout {
macro (my-macro) {
param (myParam) {
expression (this)

Text Types Deprecated within 'Pattern For' Training

Because the Bixby platform is not designed for it, we're deprecating the ability to use Text type values with Pattern For specialized training examples, which allow you to refer to specific structured concepts using NL.

For example, if you have a note-taking capsule that has a Pattern For training entry [g:Note:pattern] Make a note (get groceries)[v:NoteText], where NoteText is role assigned to Text, you will now get a deprecation warning.

For more information, see the Pattern For section in the Training for NL topic.

Deprecation Stages (learn more)

  • Stage 1: R20E
  • Stage 2: R20H
  • End of Life: None

New NL Categories Added for ko-KR Locale

The following NL categories were added this release:

  • Astrology
  • CoffeeOrder
  • CurrencyConversion
  • MovieTickets