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20A Capsule SDK Release Notes


Internal platform changes that are not visible to capsule developers will be communicated via internal status updates.

Updated: March 18, 2020

New Thumbnail Area Component in Bixby Views

The size key in cards and images is now deprecated. Use the new aspect-ratio key to specify how an image or a card fits in a Bixby View.


image-card {
size (L)


image-card {
aspect-ratio (4:3)

For more information, see Cards in Bixby Views.

Deprecation Stages (learn more)

  • Stage 1: R19O
  • Stage 2: R19O
  • End of Life: R19U

New Runtime Version 3

We've added a new runtime version that covers a number of runtime flags:

  • concepts-inherit-super-type-features
  • no-filtering-with-validation
  • modern-default-view-behavior
  • modern-prompt-rejection
  • support-halt-effect-in-computed-inputs
  • use-authorization-header-for-remote-endpoint-oauth
  • use-input-views-for-selection-list-detail

For more information, read about runtime version 3.

Batch 7 Categories Released

The following NL categories were added this release:

  • AudioBook
  • MovieTickets
  • Lottery
  • Trivia
  • JobSearch
  • SportsScore

'$user.nickName' Deprecated

We've deprecated the $user.nickName Expression Language function because it never returned a value.

Deprecation Stages (learn more)

  • Stage 1: R20A
  • Stage 2: R20D
  • End of Life: R20O

Updates to User Location Capsule Permission

If you previously used the user-profile-access permission for accessing the user's location, you now should now use the device-location-access permission. The user-profile-access permission will soon be deprecated.

Required Justification for Capsule Permissions

If you are requesting permissions in your capsule-info.bxb, you must now provide a localized justification using the requested-permissions key, which is then presented to the user:

capsule-info {
requested-permissions {
permission (user-profile-access) {
justification (Your location will be used to find restaurants nearby)

Deprecation Stages (learn more)

  • Stage 1: R20A
  • Stage 2: R20G
  • End of Life: R20O