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19X Capsule SDK Release Notes


Internal platform changes that are not visible to capsule developers will be communicated via internal status updates.

Updated: January 22, 2020

Batch 6 Categories Released

The following NL categories were added this release:

  • Weather
  • Meditation
  • RealEstate
  • SleepSounds
  • Flowers
  • Gifts

Optional OAuth for Endpoints

We now allow endpoints to optionally require user oAuth using the optional sub-key within authorization.user.

action-endpoint (...) {
authorization: user: optional

If your endpoint includes optional user oAuth, Bixby won't automatically prompt the user to login, which is the case when without the optional key.

If you want to prompt the user with the optional user oAuth, you must do so through your endpoint implementation. Here is an example function for including optional user oAuth within your endpoint:

  if ($vivContext.accessToken) { // if this is present, the user is logged in 
// access protected resource
} else {
var doLogin = ... // some condition if the user should login
if (doLogin) {
var err = new Error('Login required');
err.$type = 'authorization-error';
err.$message = 'You must have log in to authorize access';
throw err; // throwing a type 'authorization-error' error will trigger the login prompt
// obviously don't use oauthGetUrl here, the user is not logged in