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Deprecation Stages

As the Bixby platform changes, we sometimes deprecate features and introduce new ones. We deprecate features in three stages.

StageDescriptionTime Before Progressing to Next Stage
Stage 1 DeprecationThe first stage is a deprecation warning (WARN_DEPRECATED). At this stage, you can continue to use the feature in question, but we highly recommend that you update your capsule to account for this deprecation.After at least 6 weeks, depending on impact
Stage 2 DeprecationThe second stage is a deprecation error (ERROR_DEPRECATED). At this stage, you can still develop and test your capsule locally, but you won't be able to make new submissions of your capsule into the Marketplace. Capsules will continue to work for users; new capsule versions cannot be submitted.After at least 3 months
End of Life (EOL): Compilation ErrorThe third stage is when a feature has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported. Existing submissions of your capsule with deprecations at this stage will be removed from the Marketplace. You need to update your capsule immediately and resubmit. Capsules will not work for users; new capsule versions that haven't been properly updated cannot be submitted.-