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We've changed the way dialog is rendered in hands-free mode. Your capsule should now check the $handsFree EL variable within nested components of a read-many or read-one block, not outside it in the navigation-mode or render block of a view. Using $handsFree directly in a navigation-mode or render is deprecated; in that context, it might evaluate to true, regardless of whether it is actually hands-free, depending on the client.


navigation-mode {
read-one {
list-summary {
if ($handsFree) {
template ("it's hands free!")
} else {
template ("it's hands on!")
page-content {
overflow-statement ("We've gone too far!")
underflow-statement ("There's nothing here!")

Also, dialog in page-selection-question and item-selection-question will only be read to the user in hands-free mode.

For more information on using $handsFree, see navigation-mode for guidance on using this variable.


These updates requires client support and are not yet publicly available.

Deprecation Stages (learn more)

  • Stage 1: R21A
  • Stage 2: R21M
  • End of Life: None