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Version 8.7.0

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Welcome to v8.7.0, the 20V release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release includes minor enhancements and bug fixes.


Deterministic Mode

In the Simulator, on the User panel in the left sidebar, you were able to decide whether the Simulator should remember permissions that the user has agreed to give, and other selections the user has made. This was previously called "Selection Learning", and by default it was enabled.

In this release, we've changed this option to Deterministic Mode, and it now functions the opposite way of Selection Learning. It is disabled by default. When it is enabled, no choices will be learned or stored, and the Simulator will predictably ask for permissions or other choices again every time. To export stories, you must enable this mode.

Deterministic Mode

Manual Reconnection

If you lose your network connection, there's a limit to how many times Bixby Studio will try to reconnect automatically. This is a safe-guard against using up system resources unnecessarily.

We've added a new control to allow you to manually reconnect after automatic retries fail. The new control is on the bottom status line of the main window, next to the Global Status Indicator in the lower left corner, and it appears after multiple automatic reconnection attempts fail.

Global Status

More Meaningful Submission Errors

We've added a number of additional submission error messages to help you understand which capsule permissions you are missing.

Submission Errors

More Training V2 Tooltips

We've added tooltips for the buttons in the upper-right corner of the training entry display.

Added tooltips

Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-5236] Fixes missing large capsule files during sync of some large capsules
  • [VIDE-5205] Training v2 - plan graph behaves strangely when checking/unchecking options
  • [VIDE-5239] Training v2 - some capsules didn't show any training entries
  • [VIDE-NONE] Training v2 - buggy aligned NL editing experience when opening training from command palette
  • [VIDE-5256] Export Story - deterministic mode always must be enabled for stories to work
  • [VIDE-5233] Story Assertions - creating new assertion file using Default Tests template can cause error
  • [VIDE-5238] Submission error button text is too long