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Version 8.2.0

Updated: June 17, 2020

Welcome to v8.2.0, the 20K release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release makes illegal plan nodes visible and introduces a way to upgrade and fix deprecations found in your capsules.

Display Illegal Plan Nodes

The Execution Graph now displays illegal plan nodes when creating Training Examples and when debugging an Execution Plan.

Illegal Plan Nodes

Preview and Quick Fix

The Editor now supports Preview and Quick Fix for fixing certain deprecations that can cause a warning or error.

Preview Fix Confirmation

Preview Fix Menu Item

Bug Fixes

  • [NOISSUE] Training v2 - Show goal label on action nodes (#2505)
  • [NOISSUE] Training v2 - Plan graph settings fix (#2522)
  • [VIDE-4890] Training v2 - Undo stack behaviour (#2517)
  • [VIDE-4951] Training v2 - Update plan status real time in the editor view (#2502)
  • [VIDE-4962] Training v2 - Null check in isSubsetOfTarget, trainingFilterFieldsSelector (#2507)
  • [VIDE-4983] Training v2 - Show label error when unable to validate training (#2518)
  • [VIDE-4984] Training v2 - Updated budget copy (#2519)
  • [VIDE-4969] Training v2 - Saving new entry fix (#2509)
  • [VIDE-4970] Training v2 - Fix for creating multi token roles (#2511)
  • [VIDE-4939] Show audioPlayer warning only when necessary (#2516)
  • [VIDE-4977] Fix IDE freezing when opening multiple tabs (#2521)
  • [VIDE-4918] Do not scan/watch files in node_modules (#2515)
  • [VIDE-4935] Fix debug console zoom level resetting on clicking a graph node (#2504)
  • [VIDE-4964] Simulator disappears behind main window when adding step with invalid goal (#2512)