Bixby Developer Center


Version 8.13.0

Updated: October 20, 2021

Welcome to v8.13.0, the 21T release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release includes support for the audio-control component in the Simulator, Training Editor performance optimization, and other enhancements and bug fixes.


Support for Audio Control

We've added support for the audio-control component to the Simulator in this release so that you can interact with the component, just like on an actual mobile device:

Audio Control in the Simulator

For more information, see the Testing Audio section in The Device Simulator Developers' Guide.

Training Editor Performance Optimization

We've made a few performance updates to the Training Editor.

Other Enhancements

  • [VIDE-5738] Add 'View' template options for creating a new View file
  • [VIDE-5781] Create dialog and layout macros as generic macros

Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-5488] Disable unexpected batch saving of training entries
  • [VIDE-5759] Resolve focus issue with using command palette on IDE startup