Bixby Developer Center


Version 8.12.0

Updated: August 30, 2021

Welcome to v8.12.0, the 21O release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release includes searching for documentation directly from Bixby Studio, editing keyboard shortcuts, and a few other enhancements.


Documentation Search in Bixby Studio

Now you can search the Bixby Developers' Guide, References, and all the other guides within Bixby Studio directly. Clicking on any of the search results takes you to that page on the Developer Center.

Doc Search in Bixby Studio for "capsule"

You can also filter results by documentation type.

Doc filters

For more information, see the Documentation Search topic.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

We introduced a way for you to customize keyboard shortcuts. You can do so in Settings. Click on “Open Editor” under the Keyboard Shortcuts section of the Settings page to view your current Bixby Studio shortcuts.

Settings Page in Bixby Developer Studio

You can edit a command's shortcut by clicking on the command. From here you can enter a new key combination or remove the existing shortcut.

Changing a Keyboard Shortcut

You can search for shortcuts by either typing the command name in the search area, or by clicking on the keyboard icon and pressing the shortcut key combination.

Checking an existing shortcut

For more information, see the Keyboard Shortcut Editor topic.

Other Enhancements

  • [VIDE-5523] Add an option to reset keyboard shortcuts
  • [VIDE-5523] Add a prompt for unsaved shortcut changes
  • [VIDE-5346] Improve error handling for BOS_PLATFORM_CREATE_CONVO_FAIL
  • [VIDE-5564] When missing an app mock, make example in error message easily copyable
  • [VIDE-5679] Visual style update to match Flexible UX for mobile devices in Simulator

Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-5624] Disable unexpected batch saving of training entries