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Version 8.10.0

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Welcome to v8.10.0, the 21F release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release adds improved autocompletion and documentation discovery features to our editor, as well as easy access to our library of sample capsules, and a number of bug fixes.


Go-To-Definition for Macro Keys

We've added the ability to more easily find the definitions of layout and template macros.

When you view a template-macro in the editor, you can see the name of the macro shown as a link.

Clicking on the link leads to the definition specified in its template-macro-def:

Template Macro line in code, when the clickable macro name

Similarly, you can find that macro and layout-macro lead to macro-def and layout-macro-def, respectively.

Display Key Documentation during Autocomplete

When you hover over a key in the code editor, you can see part of the reference documentation for that key, and a link to see the full documentation in a web browser.

Key Documentation

Download and Open Sample Capsules

You can see a list of all sample capsules in our documentation, as well as additional sample capsules available on the Bixby Developers GitHub within Bixby Studio by choosing the new "Create Capsule from Sample" option in any of the menus or other places where you can create a capsule. Choose a sample capsule from the list, and it gets downloaded into a local folder and opened as a new capsule. This makes it easy to start a new capsule by copying from an existing example.

Create Sample CapsuleSample Capsule ListShoe Sample Capsule

Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-5407] Fix issue where a capsule developer can run stories for the wrong locale from the context menu
  • [VIDE-5339] Fix issue in story dashboard where stories are not running in the order listed
  • [VIDE-5403] Quick fix not working in Windows
  • [VIDE-5376] Increase authentication timeout to 15 seconds
  • [VIDE-5405] Fix inactive tabs not closing when deleted externally
  • [VIDE-5458] Changing locale should clear error when creating files
  • [VIDE-5417] Debug Console - display an error about missing NL interpretation only when input is NL
  • [VIDE-5408] Warn without error for Value Compilation Error in imported capsule
  • [VIDE-5506] Reset the spin state of Compile button in Simulator when a capsule is unsynced or gets stale