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Version 8.1.0

Updated: May 21, 2020

Welcome to v8.1.0, the 20J release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release contains enhancements and bug fixes for Search and Replace, Stories, and Training V2.

Training V2

New Context Menu Items for Editing Utterances

We've added three new context menu items to help edit training utterances: "Extend Annotation", "Extend Role", and "Clear All". "Extend Annotation" and "Extend Role" will extend the label to include the highlighted text. "Clear All" will remove all annotations and roles from the highlighted text.

Extend Annotation

Extend Role

Clear All



Bixby Studio can now export a story with screenshots! When you run a story in the Simulator, it captures and stores screenshots. When you press "Export Story", Bixby Studio creates a story that includes all these screenshots.

If you have an existing story without screenshots, you can provide them by pressing the "Capture Screenshots" button in the Story Editor. You can press the "Capture Screenshots" button at any time to capture them again if your capsule implementation changes.

Screenshot files are stored within your story folder, and can be checked into source code control. Re-running a story in the Story Editor no longer captures screenshots automatically, so you must click on either the "Export Story" button or the "Capture Screenshots" button.

Screenshot Button

Hovering Over Thumbnail

Capturing Screenshots

Adding Steps

We removed obsolete buttons at the bottom of the Story Editor sidebar that were for adding new steps.

Now to add steps to a story, select the final step and click on the [+] button below it. This takes you to the Simulator to add new steps. Adding new steps to an existing story automatically stores screenshots for those steps.

Add Steps

Bug Fixes

  • [VIDE-4922][VIDE-4977] Fix IDE intermittently freezing if an editor file tab is switched
  • [VIDE-4878] Fix plan graph node selection visuals in the Debug Console
  • [VIDE-4886] Prevent dismissed search results showing up after replace-all
  • [VIDE-4888] Fix NL compilation error not cleared when logging out
  • [VIDE-4896] Fix replace not working on searched text that has different casing (uppercase vs lowercase) than the actual searched text
  • [VIDE-4717] Training v2 - Show ellipsis and cut off text on the left side when node IDs are too long in the Editor sidebar
  • [VIDE-4920] Training v2 - Fix exceptions caused by the parsed utterance in Training Editor
  • [VIDE-4932] Training v2 - all entry numbers should update properly
  • [VIDE-4926] Fix legacy training entries not updating after compilation
  • [VIDE-4953] Fix invalid unicode characters not showing up in search
  • [VIDE-4958] Fix the search field getting cleared on focus when there is no highlighted text
  • [VIDE-4959] Fix the Auto Indent command to use 2 spaces
  • Menus shouldn't close menu when clicking a disabled menuitem