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Version 8.0.0

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Welcome to v8.0.0, the 20H release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release introduces Training V2 and contains several improvements and bug fixes.

Training V2

We bring a whole new training experience to you with Training V2!

Video Length: 7 minutes

To get started, switch to Training V2:

Training V1 to V2

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Display overview of all training entries across languages, locales, and devices

    Training Overview

  • Apply batch actions across multiple training entries

  • Scroll without pagination

  • Use Quick Filters to identify and optimize inconsistencies in training data

    Training List

  • Editing NL is extremely easy!

    Training Editor

  • And more! To learn about Training V2, refer to the official documentation.


  • [VIDE-4648] Add syntax highlighting to Aligned NL in training files
  • [VIDE-4633] Populate Search/Replace input fields with highlighted texts from the editor
  • [VIDE-4347] Remove whitespaces around the mock data name
  • [VIDE-4634] Collapse search results on file level instead of capsule level on Collapse All
  • [VIDE-4635] Clear search results when search keyword is cleared
  • [VIDE-4646] X-Ray: Guard against missing conversation input
  • [VIDE-4854] Speed up Debug Console graph zoom speed
  • [VIDE-509] Auto reveal a focused/opened tab in the File Navigator
  • [VIDE-507] Ensure editor tab labels are unique

Bug Fixes

  • [NOISSUE] Fix tab dragging
  • [VIDE-4745] Fix Aligned NL syntax highlight not showing in the Simulator when running it from training
  • [VIDE-4764] Fix rendering unlinked plan nodes in debug console
  • [VIDE-4764] Fix unreliable DirectedGraph layout
  • [VIDE-4835] Fix active tab scrolling into view
  • [VIDE-4840] Establishing network connection indefinitely
  • [VIDE-4858] Fix plan graph rendering issues