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Version 7.7.0

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Welcome to v7.7.0, the 19V release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release introduces the new Warnings & Errors panel and the aligned NL syntax highlighter in the Simulator. We've also changed the default and minimum sizes of all windows, and made some updates to the way we handle file changes.

Warnings & Errors

We moved the Warnings & Errors tab to the bottom panel. It provides a better reading experience and extra features, such as filtering. We are also showing stage-1 and stage-2 deprecations in the sidebar, status bar, and the Warnings & Errors panel.

Warnings & Errors PanelWarnings & Errors Panel with FilteringDeprecation Icons - SidebarDeprecation Icons - Status Barr

Aligned NL Syntax Highlighting in the Simulator

We've added syntax highlighting to aligned NL in the Simulator. Different node types are now colored differently. The aligned NL editor will also show node suggestions as you type. Aligned NL Syntax Highlighting - DarkAligned NL Syntax Highlighting - Light

Size of the Simulator and Debug Console Windows

We noticed that the default sizes of all windows were too small, and users usually resize them immediately after opening. We've changed the default size of these windows so that they are more easily viewable. In addition, we've made the minimum sizes of these windows a little bigger, so that all of their functionality is visible.

Bug Fixes

  • File System/Monaco Editor

    • [IDE-6113] Fix making quick, multiple, external changes to a file not properly updating the content in IDE
    • [IDE-6555] Preserve editor's redo-undo stack when modified externally by updating react-monaco-editor
  • Debug Console

    • [IDE-6291] Route nodes should be dimmed
  • Simulator

    • [IDE-6432][IDE-5760] Simulator - disable export/save story button when there are deleted steps or Simulator is set to use a revision id
    • [IDE-6528] Cannot uncheck Revision Override checkbox in Simulator when first opened
    • [IDE-6554] Simulator - detail view shows text from the previous list view
  • Stories

    • [IDE-6438] Sometimes story tab closes immediately after opening
  • Training

    • [IDE-6544] Training - Special case for r in search