Bixby Developer Center


Version 7.5.0

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Welcome to v7.5.0, the 19T release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release contains a new feature for Stories and a few enhancements.

Stories Update

We've introduced an add button [+] between Story steps, which provides a new way to add more steps at a certain point in the flow.

Adding a New Story Step

When you press the add (+) button, the Simulator opens, and the Simulator executes Story steps up to that point. The Simulator goes into Story Mode, awaiting further additions.

Simulator After the Add Button Click

After you add steps in the Simulator, click the Save button to save the steps. Control then goes back to the Story window, where you see the newly added steps.

Saving New Story Steps


  • [IDE-6363] Make a middle mouse click to close the editor tab
  • [IDE-6361] Capsule targets in dropdowns are now ordered the way the user has defined in capsule.bxb file instead of alphabetically.
  • [IDE-5796] Change the Simulator's HEF input location

New HEF input location

  • [IDE-5800] Capsule permission management improvements

Capsule Permission in the Simulator

Bug Fixes

  • [IDE-6150] Fix the Simulator not showing conversation drivers
  • [IDE-6382] For Debug Console, fix node selector hovering not working after hovering over a child node