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Version 7.2.0

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Welcome to v7.2.0, the 19Q release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release brings a lot of improvements to Stories, and other changes to the Simulator and the Monaco Editor.


Compile NL Model Button

The Story Editor now provides the Compile NL Model button in the toolbar for stories that contain NL utterances that need an NL interpreter. The button works similarly to the one in the training tool and contains similar messaging to keep you informed of the NL model status.

Story - Compile NL Model

Story Step Tree

We've made a number of improvements to the Story Editor, mainly related to the tree display in the center:

  • Step boxes like those in the Simulator are used
  • Step boxes are organized vertically, like in the Simulator, with the first step at the top
  • Screenshots are not displayed in step boxes (only in the sidebar now)
  • Step input and response text is displayed on the top and bottom lines inside each box
  • The type of step is noted above the box, on the left
  • Cache/live indicators or a view error link are noted above the box, on the right
  • Width of the error detail dialog has been increased
  • Updated the running story indicator to use the pulsing icon (like compile NL button uses)

Story Step Tree 1

Story Step Tree 2

New Empty Capsule Template

We've updated the default capsule template that's generated from using the Create New Project modal.


We've added support for login-button-label key in authorization.bxb, which allows users to customize action button labels.


Monaco Editor

We've added syntax highlighting for .properties files.

Properties Syntax Highlighting

Bug Fixes

  • Submissions

    • [IDE-6063] Do not double-count submission creations in Amplitude
  • Monaco Editor

    • [IDE-6157] Prevent Monaco crashing when a marker is out of range
  • Debug Console

    • [IDE-6118] Fix bug where concept node cannot be selected