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Version 7.11.0

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Welcome to v7.11.0, the 20B release of Bixby Developer Studio. This release introduces a new tab for Release Notes in the editor, improvements to Simulator and Stories, and several bug fixes.

Release Notes Tab

We've introduced a Release Notes tab in the editor. The links to the release notes can be found in the Welcome tab.

Where to find a release notes tab

Release notes tab

The release notes tab will automatically open when you start Bixby Developer Studio with a new version, unless it is a fresh install.

Simulator and Stories

The Simulator now tracks deleted steps.

Until now, you could not use the Export Story button in the Simulator to export deleted steps. As a result, you couldn't create stories that involve transactions. Now you can export stories, and every step is included in the story, even those that are deleted during the process.

Example for Deleted Steps

Here's what the new export story flow looks like when you use the shirt sample capsule to select a shirt, select a size, and buy the shirt:

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8


Keyboard Shortcuts

We've updated the keyboard shortcuts to toggle the sidebar and the panel.

Toggle Sidebar and Panel - WindowsToggle Sidebar and Panel - Mac OS

File Renaming Improved

Renaming a file now targets the filename instead of the filename and the extension:

Renaming story

Image Preview Tab Now Shows Metadata

The Image Preview Tab Pane now shows additional file metadata:

Image Preview Metadata

Expandable Directories in Explorer

Special directories (Stories and Training) are now expandable in the Explorer:

Expand Special Directories

Focused vs. Unfocused Window States

Focused WindowUnfocused Window

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • [VIDE-4601] Fix editor losing changes in Auto Save mode (Windows only)
    • [VIDE-4127] Fix incorrect app menu showing when switching apps windows (macOS only)
    • [VIDE-4553] Fix unsaved files contents not persisting after restarting IDE
    • [VIDE-4483] In an Image Preview tab pane, fix incorrect image ratio when resizing IDE window
    • [VIDE-4423] Fix auto indent for bxb files
    • [VIDE-4506] Fix different case highlighting bug
    • [VIDE-4525] Fix Template buttons being pushed off the screen
  • Training
    • [VIDE-4507] Cannot add training folder when capsule target did not have a region
  • Stories
    • [VIDE-3907] Story step HTTP cache info does not show up until you re-open tab
    • [VIDE-4425] Editing assertions.yaml file does not always update Story
  • Submissions
    • [VIDE-4521] Fix scroll missing on submission logs [VIDE-4563] Before a capsule is finished compiling, it can be selected for submission even if it has errors (#2242)
  • Debug Console
    • [VIDE-4582] Fix missing debug console tabs (#2244)