Bixby Developer Center


Version 6.9.0

Updated: May 6, 2019

Welcome to v6.9.0, the 19H release of the Bixby Developer Studio. In this release, we've fixed a number of bugs and added some new features to the Simulator. We hope you enjoy the release!

Simulator Conversation Steps

Previously, the only visual cue about conversation depth was the Simulator back button (Simulator Back Conversation Depth Cue)). Now, you can visualize the conversation depth by toggling the "Show Steps" action on the right pane of the Simulator.

Show Steps

When shown, the Steps pane displays a card for each request within the active conversation. Each card in the pane displays a textual synopsis of the request. Cards are added to the bottom of the list as new requests are made within the conversation.

Steps Overview

Conversation Steps are part of an ongoing effort to move story authoring to the simulator. Stay tuned to our future release notes for more updates!

Bug Fixes

  • Debug Console
    • [IDE-5383] Fixed an issue where the layout labels in the X-Ray pane did not properly show the originating concept type
    • [IDE-5426] Fixed a rendering glitch with the plan graph when debugging stories
  • Simulator
    • [IDE-5454] Fixed an intermittent issue where the Simulator fails draw action buttons & follow-ups
    • [IDE-5489] Fixed content shifting up and down when transitioning to a details page
  • Stories
    • [IDE-5211] Handled function failures to no longer fail a story step
  • Submissions
    • [IDE-5519] Fixed an edge-case where the submission payload is invalid but an insufficient permission warning is displayed instead
  • Misc
    • [IDE-5494] Fixed an issue with the support ticket tab that caused tab state to be reset when changing tabs (#1690)