Bixby Developer Center


Version 6.15.0

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Welcome to v6.15.0, the 19N release of Bixby Developer Studio. In this release, we've fixed a number of bugs, along with some improvements to Submissions.


You will now receive a prompt with a list of issues to fix when submitting your capsule for review.

Submission Validation Summary Prompt

Bug Fixes

  • Debug Console

    • [IDE-5886] Fix debug console forward/backward tooltips showing wrong shortcut keys
  • Simulator

    • [IDE-5878] Fixed an issue where the renderer UI would jump when changing targets
    • [IDE-5918] Fix screenshots not saving if workspace directory is missing
    • [IDE-5921] Fix up/down cursor actions not working in the TV when the editor has the focus
  • Stories

    • [IDE-2034][IDE-5894] Fixes for Story Clear Cache buttons
    • [IDE-5845] Fixed Assertion layouts ordering
  • Submissions

    • [IDE-5869] Persist setting for submission type