Bixby Developer Center


Version 6.14.0

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Welcome to v6.14.0, the 19M release of Bixby Developer Studio. In this release, we've fixed a number of bugs, along with some improvements to the Simulator.


You will now receive an OS-wide notification when your submission has finished.

Persist Permissions



You will find a new "Screenshot" button located in the top-right of the Simulator window. If you click this button, Bixby Studio captures and saves the screenshot to a file in your workspace.


The Simulator is only able to capture what is visible on your display. For best results, ensure the Simulator window is as large as possible.

Simulator Screenshots

Bug Fixes

  • Application

    • [IDE-5626] Support Hands-Free Mode in Stories
    • [IDE-5699] Fixed story caching issues
    • [IDE-5719] Fixed large image files covering up the editor tabs
    • [IDE-5816] Fixed an issue where submissions could be stuck uploading
    • [IDE-5844] Exported story tab should close when parent folder is deleted
    • [IDE-5860] Fix command palette UI and add prefix for some commands
  • Simulator

    • [IDE-5729] Fixed an issue where the playback controls would not clear after a conversation is reset or a capsule was unsynced
    • [IDE-5764][IDE-5767] Fixed an issue where the Simulator would erroneously show an error message
    • [IDE-5810] Fixed a number of issues where the audio player was muted/not playing
    • [IDE-5814] Fixed running some utterances crashing the simulator
    • [IDE-5861] Stop unexpected dialog that is read out loud