Bixby Developer Center


Version 6.13.0

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Welcome to v6.13.0, the 19L release of the Bixby Developer Studio. In this release, we've fixed a number of bugs, and made some cosmetic updates now that the Bixby Marketplace is out!


Creating a new submission now defaults to Public rather than Private. Additionally, we've updated some of the wording surrounding the "New Submission" view relating to the Bixby Marketplace. We have also added desktop notifications when your submission finishes processing. The notification informs you if the submission succeeded or failed. You can also click on the notification to take you directly to the submission details.


We updated the Simulator font. We now embed the device fonts with the packaged app. You should always see the right font now, even if the right font is not installed on your OS.

Bug Fixes

  • Simulator
    • [IDE-5532] The Simulator now properly resets when changing targets
    • [IDE-5702] Only allow Simulator story export if learning is disabled (deterministic mode)