Bixby Developer Center


Version 6.11.0

Updated: May 23, 2019

Welcome to v6.11.0, the 19J release of Bixby Developer Studio. In this release, we've fixed a number of bugs and added the ability to export the current conversation in the Simulator to a story.


Export to a Story


We've added the Export story button to the Simulator underneath the conversation steps, unlocking the ability to export your conversation steps to a story.

Export story

When you press the button, you get an Export story prompt that helps you choose the filename and folder for the story.

Export story prompt

The file location dropdown presents a few suggested locations based on your capsule's targets.

Export story location options

Once you confirm the name and location, Bixby Studio saves the conversation steps to the appropriate resource folder, runs the story, and displays the thumbnails.

Exported story

Bug Fixes

  • IDE
    • [IDE-5671] Fixed a display issue with long file names in a modal dialog
  • Simulator
    • [IDE-5376] Fixed an issue where the understanding page was not being carried over to the next page in the Simulator
    • [IDE-5630] Fixed a display issue where punch-out screen was not removed after going back a step in the Simulator