Bixby Developer Center


Version 6.10.0

Updated: May 10, 2019

Welcome to v6.10.0, the 19I release of Bixby Developer Studio.


Handling ESC Key

You can now press the ESC key in the Simulator to individually close any non-permanent UI elements (such as the target modal or error banners). If there are no such items on the screen, you toggle the simulator log instead.

Handle ESC Key

Authorization File Template

We added a new template for *.authorization.bxb files. We also cleaned up deprecated usages of other file templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Simulator
    • [IDE-5525] Fixed an issue where the conversation driver and the content provider logo persists even when the corresponding capsule is closed
    • [IDE-5565] Fixed an issue with the Simulator crashing when a device target is not defined
    • [IDE-5572] Fixed a bug with voice command in the Simulator where it was possible for "Listening..." to appear immediately upon the window opening
    • [IDE-5599] Capsule target now correctly shows the capsule ID when the target is changed or when the capsule ID is changed
  • Training
    • [IDE-5167] Clicking on a training error in the sidebar now takes the user to the corresponding training entry even when the training tab is open
    • [IDE-5245] The training serializer now properly escapes special characters in value annotations
    • [IDE-5527] Fixed an issue where the annotation editor and the training entry UI overlap