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Bixby Developer Center



As the Bixby platform changes, we sometimes deprecation features and introduce new ones. We deprecate features in three stages.

Stage 1 DeprecationThe first stage is a deprecation warning (WARN_DEPRECATED). At this stage, you can continue to use the feature in question, but we highly recommend that you update your capsule to account for this deprecation. (30 days notice)
Stage 2 DeprecationThe second stage is a deprecation error (ERROR_DEPRECATED), which is similar to the first stage, but now capsule submissions are blocked. You can still develop and test your capsule locally, but you won't be able to get your capsule into the Marketplace. (30 days notice)
End of Life: Compilation ErrorThe third stage is an when a feature has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported. At this stage, not only are capsule submissions blocked, but also your capsule will no longer compile. You need to update your capsule immediately.

If your capsule is affected, you will be informed by email for Stage 2 and end of life deprecations. Bixby Capsule SDK Release Notes also list new deprecations with each release.