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Managing Teams & Capsule Access

With Teams & Capsules, you can perform tasks like managing your teams and their members, registering new capsules, and determining read and write access by team members to capsules. This guide walks through these and other essential steps.

Create or Join a Team


You're currently limited to creating three teams. If you need more than three teams, please contact Bixby support.

Your capsule is uniquely identified within Bixby by its ID, which is composed of an organizational namespace and a capsule name.

For example, if the capsule ID is example.shirt, the organizational namespace is example and the capsule name is shirt.

Your namespace is unique within the Bixby ecosystem. You must register it when when you create a team in the Bixby Developer Center, which is a required step if you want to submit your capsule to the Bixby marketplace. The namespace can only include lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores. Additionally, the namespace must comply with our Terms and Conditions:

  2.4 (h) commit any act intended to interfere with Developer Tools 
  or Samsung Service, the intent of this Agreement, or Samsung’s business 
  practices including, but not limited to, choosing a name for any 
  Licensee Services that is substantially similar to the name of a
  Samsung’s or third party’s application in order to create consumer 
  confusion, or squatting on application names to prevent legitimate 
  Samsung’s or third party’s use. 

You specify your capsule ID in your capsule descriptor, which is the capsule.bxb file.

If you are creating a team for the first time, simply select the Create a New Team button on the front page of Teams & Capsules. You can then provide team details about your team such as the name, website, email, and namespace. If you aren't a team admin, you might be invited through email to join an existing team.

If you are just starting and you want to execute and debug your capsule using the simulator or with stories, you can use the playground namespace. Another special namespace is example, which is used for sample capsules. However, you cannot submit capsules that use these special namespaces. Once you have tested your capsule using these special namespaces, and you are ready to submit your capsule, you should follow the normal process here to create a team, register a capsule, and update your capsule ID in your capsule.bxb file.


Your team's ability to execute capsules in Bixby Developer Studio, view submissions and submission details, or submit capsules depends on whether you have the correct permissions. Therefore, ensure that you register a namespace, your capsules are registered under that namespace, and the appropriate team members are collaborators for those capsules.

Edit Profile Info

Regardless of your permissions, you can edit your profile to add a display name and profile picture. This allows fellow team members to better identify you.

  1. Select Open Account Info from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. Select Edit Profile.

  3. Edit your display name and time zone.

  4. Select Save Changes.

    Edit Team Info


    To edit Samsung Account information, such your name or phone number, select the Open Samsung Account Page button.

Add Team Members

If you are an admin of an existing team, you can invite others as members or admins using their email address:

  1. Select the People tab within Teams & Capsules.

  2. Select the Add Member button.

  3. Type the email or emails of team members you want to add.

  4. Choose whether the invited person should be a member or an admin.

  5. Select Submit.

    Add Team Members

Edit Team Info

If you are an team admin, you might need to update team information, such as the team name, website, or team logo.

  1. Select the Team Info tab within Teams & Capsules.

  2. Edit information such as display name and time zone.

  3. Select Save Changes.

    Edit Team Info

Register a Capsule

As a team admin, you can register a capsule, which allows any collaborator to submit it.

  1. Select the Capsules tab within Teams & Capsules.

  2. Click the + Register Capsule button.

  3. Type the capsule ID.

  4. Select Submit.


    You can only use letters, numbers, and underscores for a capsule ID. The capsule name must start with a lowercase letter and be at least three letters long.

    Register Capsule

You must use the fully-qualified name of the capsule ([TEAM_NAMESPACE].[CAPSULE_ID]) within your capsule.bxb file. Example: id (playground.gratuity)

Add Collaborators

Once you've added team members and capsules, you can add collaborators on each capsule. This allows them to edit capsule code, submit capsules, and view capsule submissions.

  1. Select the Capsules tab within Teams & Capsules.

  2. Select the capsule for which you want to add collaborators.

  3. Select the + sign in the upper-right corner.

  4. Choose a team member from the list. You can search for the member as well.

  5. Select Save Changes.

    Add Collaborators

In addition to adding collaborators, you can also remove them from a capsule.

Add Capsule Admins

As a capsule admin, a user has the ability to edit Config & Secrets, team members, and admins for your capsule.

  1. Select the Capsules tab within Teams & Capsules.
  2. Select the capsule for which you want to add a capsule admin.
  3. Select the + sign in the upper-right corner.
  4. Choose a team member from the list. You can search for the member as well.
  5. Once a team member is selected, click on + Capsule Admin. Add Capsule Admin
  6. Select Save Changes.

You can use the same steps to also remove capsule admin permissions for those who already have it.


Here is a summary of the permissions you have depending on whether you are a team member, or capsule collaborator, or team admin.

AbilityCapsule CollaboratorCapsule AdminTeam MemberTeam Admin
View capsules and related submissionsYesYesYesYes
Add/remove capsule membersNoYes-Yes
Add/remove team members--NoYes
Make capsule submissionsYesYesNoYes
Register capsulesNoYesNo-
Edit team information--NoYes
Edit Config & SecretsNoYesNoYes^
^ Requires additional Capsule Admin permission that you must assign yourself.

You must first be added to a team as a member or admin before you can become a capsule collaborator or capsule admin.

Because permissions are not mutually exclusive, which means, for example, that you can be both a team member and a capsule collaborator.

As a developer, you can only see submissions for capsules that you are allowed to view as a capsule collaborator. This also applies to submitting capsules.

Delete Account

You have the ability to delete your Bixby Developer Account. Your Samsung account, which is separate from your Bixby Developer Account, will remain. Also, you will not be able to access any capsules or teams you are associated with, though they will remain.


If you are the only capsule or team admin, you should appoint someone else before you delete your account.

  1. Select Open Account Info from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Edit Profile.
  3. Click the Delete Bixby Developer Account button. Delete Account
  4. Confirm that you want to delete your account by typing DELETE.
  5. Click the Delete button.