Bixby Developer Center


Viewing Capsule Analytics

To help you better understand how users interact with your capsule, Bixby Developer Center provides charts showing capsule usage. You can filter these charts to see data specific to targets and time ranges.


Capsule analytics do not provide personally identifiable information about users.

To access capsule analytics:

  1. Click on Teams & Capsules within Bixby Developer Center.

  2. Choose a team using the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose a capsule from the list of capsules.

  4. Click on the Analytics tab for your capsule.

    Capsule Analytics

Capsule analytics include these two charts:

  • Unique Active Users: This chart includes the number of unique users who have used the capsule within a specified amount of time. You can use the two drop-down menus to determine what information to show. The first drop-down determines the time increments shown, ranging from Daily to Monthly. The second drop-down determines how many days to look back upon, ranging from 7 days to 90 days.
  • Total Utterances: This chart includes the number of utterances that your capsule received. It includes the same drop-down menus as Unique Active Users.
  • Top Goals: This chart shows the top 10 training goals that users have reached for this capsule within the last 30 days.

To get information on specific capsule metrics, you can filter both of the charts by choosing specific target locales and devices.