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Core (viv.core)

The viv.core capsule provides a set of foundational models for Bixby capsules. These include definitions for primitive concepts such as Integer, Boolean, and Text, as well as base concepts extended by other library capsules.


While the viv.core capsule is documented in abbreviated form here for reference, you should work with capsules such as viv.time and viv.geo rather than directly importing viv.core. Higher-level capsules provide task-specific features and functionality that viv.core lacks.


Types are always in the viv.core.* namespace. All properties have a cardinality of min (Optional), max (One) unless otherwise specified.


  • Base2dShape (structure): Contains width and height integers.
  • BaseXyPoint (structure): Contains x and y integers, representing a point on an arbitrary two-dimensional plot.
  • Boolean (boolean): The supertype of all primitive boolean concepts.
  • Decimal (decimal): The supertype of all primitive decimal concepts.
  • FormElement (name): Concept for wrapping references to be resolved by the client.
  • Integer (integer): The supertype of all primitive integer concepts.
  • Intent (text)
  • MeasurementSystem (enum): One of Imperial, Metric, or USC.
  • Text (text): The supertype of all primitive text, name, enum, and qualified concepts.
  • Url (text)

Date and Time

Use models from viv.time in your capsule to work with date and time values.

  • BaseDate: Base for viv.time.Date.
  • BaseDateInterval: Base for viv.time.DateInterval.
  • BaseDateTime: Base for viv.time.DateTime.
  • BaseDateTimeInterval: Base for viv.time.DateTimeInterval.
  • BasePeriod: Base for viv.time.DurationPeriod.
  • BaseTime: Base for viv.time.Time.


Use models from viv.geo in your capsule to work with geometry values.

  • BaseDistance: Base for viv.geo.Distance.
  • BaseDistanceUnit: Base for viv.geo.DistanceUnit.
  • BaseGeoIcon: Base for viv.geo.GeoIcon.
  • BaseGeoMarker: Base for viv.geo.GeoMarker.
  • BaseGeometryWKT: Base for viv.geo.GeometryWKT.
  • BaseGeoPoint: Base for viv.geo.GeoPoint.



These models are placeholders, designed for capsules to extend to support list navigation commands. Structure concepts have no properties defined in viv.core.

  • CancelCommand (structure)
  • CardinalSelector (integer)
  • CurrentPageCommand (structure)
  • FollowupPromptAffirmative (structure)
  • FollowupPromptNegative (structure)
  • ItemSelectionAffirmative (structure)
  • ItemSelectionNegative (structure)
  • NextItemAffirmative (structure)
  • NextItemNegative (structure)
  • NextPageAffirmative (structure)
  • NextPageCommand (structure)
  • NextPageNegative (structure)
  • OrdinalSelector (name)
  • PageSelectionAffirmative (structure)
  • PageSelectionNegative (structure)
  • PreviousPageCommand (structure)
  • SelectNone (structure)