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Deployment Checklist

This section lists the tasks you should do before your capsule can become available on the Marketplace. Click on a step for more information.

Required Steps

These steps are required and must be completed before your capsule can be approved for the Marketplace.

  1. Update your capsule.bxb file: Make sure your capsule.bxb file contains all the required information for the submission and approval process.

  2. Create a capsule-info.bxb file. This file contains all the meta data that the Marketplace uses for your capsule. You need to define these keys within your capsule-info.bxb files:

    • description - Describes your capsule to users.

    • dispatch-name - Enables your capsule to be called using named dispatch. Additional requirements for named dispatch are listed on the reference page.

    • display-name - Displays the name of your capsule.

    • icon-asset - Displays the icon image with your capsule in the Marketplace. This can be a PNG or JPEG image with 144 px by 144 px dimensions.

    • developer-name - Displays the developer name to users.

    • privacy-policy-url - Allows you to ask for specific permissions from the user. This is required only if you plan to ask the user to grant permissions to specific user-sensitive data.

    • search-keywords - Makes your capsule more searchable in the Marketplace.

  3. Provide hints for your capsule. These hints help users get familiar with your capsule.

  4. Test your capsules thoroughly. Testing is important in ensuring your capsule is ready for end-users.

  5. Check that your capsule follows all capsule policies.

  6. In Bixby Developer Studio, create a public submission. The public submission you create in this step will be the one submitted for review.

  7. On the Bixby Developer Center, using the Release Manager, submit your capsule for review. Submit the capsule for which you previously made a public submission. The review committee will let you know if your capsule is approved or if it needs further improvements.

Recommended Optional Steps

The following steps are not required for an approval to the Marketplace, but are recommended steps:

  • Provide marketplace constraints. This allows you to limit where your capsule appears on the Marketplace. You should only need this step if you have strict requirements for your capsule.

  • Add the following keys to your capsule-info.bxb file:

    • dispatch-aliases - Additional requirements for named dispatch aliases are listed on the reference page and the dispatch-name reference page.

    • terms-url - Points to terms and conditions for the user of using your capsule.

    • website-url - Points to your website.