Publishing The Bixby Device Graph (BHS Metadata Submission)

This guide assumes familiarity with:

In this guide, you'll learn about the following:

  • How to create a Bixby Home Studio (BHS) Metadata Submission
  • Submission States
  • Submission History

You will add or edit voice actions for devices. Once once you add the information, you can submit and track the status of the device.


On-device testing and submissions of metadata for voice commands are only available to device manufacturer developers who have registered their device with SmartThings. For more information, see the Start Developing guide on the SmartThings Developers website.

BHS Metadata Submission

BHS provides enables you to create new Metadata or update existing metadata.

  • New Metadata: Used to create new metadata for a device.
  • Load Metadata: Used to update the existing metadata of the device.

Add or update metadata

Once you load a new metadata file or an existing metadata file, each metadata file will have a list of voice intents, as shown in the example below. The editor shows the metadata file generic-dimmer with three voice intents. You can create a new voice intent or update an existing voice intent.

Add or update Voice Intent

Once you update the voice intents of the metadata, you can submit the updated metadata by following these steps:

  1. Click on Metadata Profile in the resource navigation area on the left. You can view the current version (which is the version before editing), near the upload icon. In the example, it is 0.0.1. The Metadata profile tab will open and you can view the Meta profile (Name, Version, MNID, VID). Meta profile Version number shows current version.

    Metadata profile

  2. Update the version to the next version number. For example, 0.0.2. Once you've updated the version, the content of the page changes as below.

  3. Check the updated version in the left navigation resource panel, near the upload icon.

    Metadata profile version update

  4. Click on the Upload button. "Submission Message" pop up displayed, as shown below.

    Submit Metadata

  5. Add a message about the submission. You can also update the metadata version here.

  6. Click on SUBMIT. The Submission tab will be opened after that.

Submission States

Once you've submitted a new version, the Submission tab will open. Click on the SUBMIT button.

Metadata submission states

You can verify the metadata before submission.

  1. Select the location and device to test the metadata.

    Metadata test device selection

  2. Click on the TEST button against the action flows to test the metadata.

    Metadata testing

  3. You can review the test results as shown below:

    Metadata testing results

You can then submit the metadata, and it will be forwarded to the Release Manager. As per the deployment schedule, the Release Manager releases the submitted version to the public for users.

Submission History

You can view the submission history and state transition details in the Submission tab:

Metadata submission history