Version 1.1.8

Updated: December 7, 2022

Welcome to version 1.1.8 of Bixby Home Studio (BHS). In this version of BHS, we have a new metadata comparison feature, a new subgraph feature, on-device test notifications, loading local save data, and several new nodes.

Metadata Comparison

You can now compare metadata submissions to your current metadata or previously submitted metadata versions. For more information, see the Comparing Metadata section in the Publishing the Bixby Device Graph (BHS Metadata Submission) guide.

Creating Subgraphs

You can now create subgraphs within your metadata graphs, which help you create reusable parts of your graph and help simplify more complex action flows. For more information, see Creating Subgraphs.

Push Notifications for On-Device Testing

You can now get execution results from push notifications in BHS, which gives more information for debugging. For more information, see Getting Execution Results from Push Notifications.

Load and Save Local Data

You can now import or overwrite files with existing local files, which helps simplify access to your local files while editing metadata. For more information, see the Saving Changes to a Local File section in the Bixby Home Studio Basics guide.

New Nodes

The following nodes have been recently added. For more information about each node, see the Nodes reference page.

  • Set Variables
  • Get Variables
  • Get Devices (Returns the devices of the same manufacturer as the controlling device among devices connected to the account)
  • Utterance Timezone
  • Calculation
  • isOnline
  • Add All Variables
  • Call SubGraph
  • Start SubGraph
  • End SubGraph
  • Set Return SubGraph